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Frequently Asked Questions

How do your Lease Purchase & Rent to Own Programs Work?
The home would be leased to you with the exclusive option to buy the home at a future date. The Rent to Own and Lease Purchase Homes programs are great because it gives you an opportunity to save up a greater down payment over time, time to sell a home you currently have on the market, time to clean up or build new credit. This option down payment is credited towards the purchase price of the home when you buy. On some properties you may also receive monthly credits towards the purchase price if all of your lease payments are made on time and you may also over pay your monthly lease to build up additional funds for future purchase.

How much of a down payment do I need?
We can offer flexible options on your down payment and will try to work with the funds you currently have available. Our down payments for the Rent to Own and Lease Purchase Homes programs are typically in the neighborhood of what an FHA down payment would be. With a larger down payment, you can enter the Owner Finance Homes program and immediately get tax benefits and the pride of owning a home now.

Can I use the $8,000 1st Time Home Buyer Tax Credit towards the purchase of a home?
Yes you can in our Owner Finance Homes program & we can assist you in obtaining the credit if you are unsure of how to start. You must be a 1st Time Home Buyer or a non-owner of 3 years or more to qualify. But you must act fast! Homes must be purchased before December 1st, 2009 to get the credit.

I'm a little short on the down payment, what other alternatives do I have?
You may be able to borrow from a 401K account towards your purchase without penalty. We also accept borrowed funding from a relative or friend that will lend you the money towards your down payment. If you are a first time home buyer or a non-owner of 3 or more years, you can use the Federal Tax Credit of $8,000 towards your purchase in our Owner Finance program.

My lender told me we had to have a 620 Credit Score to qualify for a mortgage, is this true?
Not exactly. There are still FHA Loans available for buyer with lower credit scores. See our FHA Loans page for more details.

Do you offer down payment assistance?
Often times we will work with you to help spread out the down payment over a period of time. The time frame can vary on each home but typically is 6 to 12 months. In certain specific areas, Government down payment assistance is still available.

What are the interest rates your offer in your Owner Finance Program?
We typically offer interest rates between 7.5% and 10%. Terms can vary depending on the down payment and on your personal situation. We do verify employment, income and other pertinent information on your application.

How can you sell me a home when my credit is bad?
We work with buyers with good, fair or bad credit. If you have reasonable down payment and can afford the monthly payments, we will work with most buyers. Many of our programs are geared towards helping buyers improve their credit situation so they can purchase a home on terms they can afford. Buyers are encouraged to enter our Credit Development Assistance program to make sure they stay on track.

My credit is not bad; can you help me find a traditional loan?
Yes, we do work closely with several, local mortgage brokers who offer the best loans available today. Several of our mortgage partners can offer credit development counseling in order to get you qualified if you need some time to get a few things back on track.

Do you ever just rent out homes?
Occasionally, but it's very rare. Our programs are geared for helping people who want to become a homeowner within a reasonable time frame. However, we do work closely with several partners that do offer rental homes in south metro Atlanta GA. If you Apply Online, we will contact your and let you know of homes that may be available.

Where are your homes located?
Our homes can be found throughout South Metro Atlanta GA areas. We don't keep a specific inventory for each county but they usually can be found in S. Fulton, Coweta, Clayton, Douglas, Carroll, Henry, Rockdale, Newton or Troup Counties. If you don't find the home you are looking for, let us know and we will find it!

Do you work with real estate agents?
Yes we do. On most properties we will offer a nice incentive and cooperate with a buyer's agent for a qualified buyer.

I really want the home, what are the next steps?
Fill out our simple, one page application and fax it in to us. If you donít already have a copy, you can find one on the Downloads page on our website. We will contact your shortly after we receive it and verify the information on your application. The whole process can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours.

Someone beat me to the home I really wanted, do you have any others?
Yes, we have a full pipeline of homes each month because our homes go very quickly. You can either join our VIP Buyers List and we can update you when one becomes available that fits your needs. Or, you can join our Pre-Sale Buyers program where we will go out and specifically find what you are looking for and fix it up to your liking. Go to the Contact Us page and be sure to provide a contact phone number and let us start looking right away.



Owner Financed Houses, Lease Purchase Houses, Lease Option Houses and Rent to Own Rental Houses for Sale in Metro Atlanta GA
Counties: Carroll County GA, Clayton County GA, Coweta County GA, Dekalb County GA, Douglas County GA, Fayette County GA
Fulton County GA, Henry County GA, Newton County GA, Rockdale County GA, Troup County GA, Georgia.

Owner Financed Homes, Lease Purchase Homes, Lease Option Homes and Rent to Own Rental Homes for Sale in South Atlanta GA
Cities: Atlanta GA, Carrollton GA, College Park GA, Douglasville GA, East Point GA, Fairburn GA, Fayetteville GA, Hampton GA
Jonesboro GA, LaGrange GA, Newnan GA, Peachtree City GA, Riverdale GA, Senoia GA, Stockbridge GA, Union City GA.

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